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Keeping babies safe

Introduction to ‘Keeping babies safe’

In this sprint you will develop the following knowledge: 

  • I can help parents understand and recognise things that could harm a baby’s development, or unsafe practices (including safer sleep messages). 


Using the link above, read more about each of these risks and think about what advice could you give to parents about each risk.


Develop your understanding of ‘Keeping babies safe’

You’ll now explore one of the potential risks to babies in more detail.

The Lullaby Trust

Watch the video below which provides information about the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). You can also visit the Lullaby Trust website to learn more.


Test your knowledge

Complete the short quiz below to check your knowledge of child safety.


Reflect upon ‘Keeping babies safe’

National Home Safety Equipment Scheme

Read the case studies below and make notes about schemes that in place to reduce risks to children. What are the schemes and how do they reduce risks to children? 


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Using the link above, read through the webpage to identify information and tools that you might use to advise parents about how to help protect their children from injuries.