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In this section of the course we will focus on one sustainability concept – Circular Economy

This concept is interesting to explore as transitioning to a circular economy is something we can all play a role in but also needs widespread application of new systems and technologies.
First discover what the term circular economy means by watching the video explaining circular economy below. While watching consider which aspects of a circular economy you can personally help bring about and which will need larger change from industries, governments, and international bodies

Now take a look at the resources and ideas below to gain a better understanding of what creating a circular economy might look like.

“The goods of today are the resources of tomorrow at yesterday’s resource prices”

– UN Conference on Trade and Development. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) supports the development of a sustainable global trade system. A key aspect of this is creating a circular economy. Explore the UNCTAD here. Scroll through the page and explore the News, Projects, and Recent Publication areas of the page. These provide insights into the real world ongoing efforts of creating a global circular economy. Two examples are provided below but there are many more to explore!

What part can you play?

How can your degree subject contribute to a circular economy? Can you find a case study or challenge within the UNCTAD resources that is relevant to your subject?