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As you will have learnt from previous lessons, climate change will affect every aspect of society. In order to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we need to take drastic action and begin the transition towards becoming a zero carbon world by 2050.  This lesson will explore whether a zero carbon society is possible and what it would look like from a UK perspective.

Over the next few topics, you will be asked to read a set of “Postcards from the Future” as well as “Priorities and Actions for Greater Manchester“ cards linked to the three main sectors of society where we need to take action on climate change:

Travel & Transport
Buildings & Energy
Food & “Stuff”
The “Postcards from the Future” will provide you with a future vision of what a Zero Carbon Britain  could look like whilst the “Priorities and Actions for Greater Manchester” cards highlight key priorities in Manchester as well as actions that we can take now.

After each topic, there will be a quiz question asking you to describe what we need to do to become a Zero Carbon Society based on the information you have just read.  It is particularly important that you complete these quizzes if you wish to gain a Carbon Literacy certificate after you have completed this specialism.  

Before you begin the main activity, please watch the video below from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: