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Creative Voices

The Te Whariki curriculum from New Zealand advocates paying attention to:

  • Developing personal narratives
  • Connecting experiences across time
  • Developing personal reflection
  • Engaging in dialogue
  • Developing learning dispositions

Learning stories are addressed to, and written for children to help them appreciate their strengths. They are shared with parents to help celebrate their children’s progress rather than highlight what they cannot do yet. In New Zealand they focus on 5 key learning dispositions:

  • Courage to find something of interest
  • Trust that this is a safe place to be involved and focus one’s attention
  • Confidence to express a point of view or feeling
  • Responsibility for justice and fairness and the disposition to take on another point of view
  • Perseverance to persist when things get difficult

Listen to the illustrated discussion between two New Zealand practitioners reflecting on what matters in their local community.


Whilst listening to the recording, make some notes that you can refer back to later.