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Slow Pedagogy

Many people are critical of the concept of School Readiness. In the illustrated presentation from the Froebel Trust, Professor Alison Clarke articulates some of the concerns about how contemporary practice is compromised by the idea of School Readiness and proposes Slow Pedagogy as an alternative. This will help you understand the critiques of School Readiness. 

Froebel Trust

Watch the video below which features Alison Clarke whose work together with Peter Moss has consistently argued that children need to be treated with greater respect and the wishes and choices respected and developed. In this recent video, Clarke discusses Slow Pedagogy as an alternative to potentially harmful conceptions of school readiness.


Listen carefully to Alison Clarke’s commentary on Slow Pedagogy in the video above and use your portfolio to write some notes answering the following questions:

  • What is problematic about the concept of School Readiness?
  • What is Slow Pedagogy? 
  • Identify and bullet point the problems associated with School Readiness.
  • Identify and bullet point the features of Slow Pedagogy and how they address the problems associated with School Readiness. 
  • We will be discussing this as part of this weeks workshop so please bring your notes with you.