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Introduce: Task 1

Introduce: Task 1

his week, we will also focus on the roots of miscommunication and strategies which can be employed to reduce the impacts of miscommunication. We will also reflect on how EAL speakers feel when faced with language barriers. 

This week we will introduce you to the fifth of our ‘languages of Greater Manchester’: Polish. 

Assessment focus 5 – Identifying solutions: generating solutions for the identified barriers.

For your assessment for this course, you will be asked to create an artefact which can be used to relay information about how to overcome language barriers in a setting of your choice.

In week 2, you identified several barriers that two people may face when communicating e.g. Vocabulary. The native speaker might use words which the other person is not familiar with.

Providing solutions

Complete the table in the following template with 4 of those barriers, give an example and think of solutions.