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How to interpret the findings and write them up

Woo! We can now perform the tests; however, this isn’t very useful if we cannot interpret what they tell us!

To report our results, we need to:

  • Report the p value
  • Is the p value significant or not?

If it is significant

  • Report our Cramer’s V value
  • What strength is this? (Use the guide below to interpret)
  • Describe some notable comparisons from our observed and expected count tables

Cramer’s V Interpretation Guide

Zero – No association between variables 

0.2 – Weak association between the variables

0.4 – Medium association between variables 

0.6 – Strong association between variables 

0.8 – Strange (possible but check calculations) 

1 – Variables are perfectly associated

Have a go at writing up your results…

Using the previous sprint and the data available, have a go at writing up the results.


What strength do these Cramer’s V values represent?

1 – 0.56

  • 2 – .01
  • 3 – .39

The previous results look at whether there is an association between the Generation a person was born into and what Region they live in. Analyse the Chi-Square and Cramer’s V and write up the results.

Remember the p value, Cramer’s V, strength of association.