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How to interpret findings meaningfully & write them up

Woo! We can now perform the tests; however, this isn’t very useful if we cannot interpret what they tell us!

Below is the output for the test we just learnt to run. This guide will tell you step by step how to interpret the results and write them up in a report style.

Are the values significant?


  • 1.09
  • 0.04
  • 0.98
  • 0.5

What do these Cramer’s V value mean?


  • 0.098
  • 0.85
  • 0.4

Cramer’s V Interpretation Guide

Zero – No association between variables 

0.2 – Weak association between the variables

0.4 – Medium association between variables 

0.6 – Strong association between variables 

0.8 – Strange (possible but check calculations) 

1 – Variables are perfectly associated

From the previous sprint answer the following…

What is the p value for the Chi-Square test?

  • Is the p value significant?
  • If applicable, what is the Cramer’s V value?
  • What strength of association does this imply?