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This Online Course

In partnership with GMCA, Manchester Met is working to help people to access learning related to the Early Years Competency Framework. This online course is part of that work. It is free to anybody who wishes to complete it. At the end of the pack, you will receive a certification confirming that you have explored concepts aligned with the Tier 1 expectations around Child Development.

The Child Development component of the framework explores how children grow physically, intellectually, linguistically, socially and emotionally – and the ways in which this varies naturally from child to child. It covers knowledge that we think everyone who works with, or provides services for, children would benefit from understanding.

This will ensure that everyone can respond to children’s needs as they emerge, to the needs of parents and carers as they support children through different stages.

Before you get started: Laying the Best Foundations

Reflect on your own understandings and beliefs about child development. What do you think are the most critical factors influencing early experience and development? How do you understand their consequences for the life chances of children?