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Health and well-being

Children’s health is an integral part of their emotional, mental, social, environmental and spiritual well-being and is supported by attention to these aspects.

Use this Principles into practice card to reflect on the statements below

Use the effective practice section to think about your own practice and identify areas you could improve
Use the reflecting on practice section to think about how each child’s development can be supported through their experiences
Use the challenges and dilemmas section and think about how you might overcome them.!App0hvSdYs8rgdZH3WvGtdOYKTxIng?e=p7ySgj


There is a range of factors that can adversely affect children’s Personal, Social and Emotional Development. The following can all have an impact:
• premature / low birth weight
• poor health
• poverty
• lack of warmth and affection
• parental drug or substance abuse
• poor housing
• abuse
• social, racial or cultural discrimination
• poor relationships with practitioners

Read section 2 of Social and Emotional Aspects of development about how unique children are and consider how might the above scenarios affect attachment?!App0hvSdYs8rgdgvdMPiBnaX1WL1EQ?e=7IxlGd

What about Childhood Obesity? take a look at the statistics below and think about the influences upon childhood obesity.