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Further Information: Energy & Buildings

The Big Clean Switch

Click here to learn more about The Big Clean Switch, an energy comparison website for renewable energy tariffs (often cheaper than conventional tariffs). 

Energy Saving Trust

Click here to learn more about the Energy Saving Trust, a website that provides practical advice on energy reduction in the home (including draught-proofing). 

Carbon Co-op

Click here to learn more about Carbon Co-op, a Manchester based energy services and advocacy cooperative. They currently have a number of free webinars on their website covering a number of aspects of energy efficiency retrofits and home energy systems.

Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)

Click here to learn more about the Centre for Alternative Technology, an educational charity that focuses on communicating and researching solutions for environmental change. Amongst other things, their website provides independent advice on home energy systems such as heat source pumps, Solar PV’s etc. 

UK housing: Fit for the future?

Click here to read a report that explores how prepared UK’s housing stock is for the future challenges of climate change.