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First things first

“If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and one minute resolving it,” Albert Einstein said.

What do you do when you first read a brief?

Asking questions of the brief

Who is asking it and why?

Some resources or guidance here, needs a bit of research.

Pulling a brief to bits,and%20leave%20out%20unnecessary%20details. – 5 Whys

Agility in tackling a brief.


This article contains a good five step process for defining and understanding a challenge brief. Summarise it here as an activity,


Too focused on a problem can lead to a narrow approach of tackling a brief and demonstrates the benefit of a interdisciplinary term approach, For example an environmental scientist may very clearly know which species of plant provide a benefit for pollinators but they may lack the skills to produce an aesthetically pleasing site or change human behaviour. Likewise an architect may promote a very human-centric solution that negatively impacts the environment.