A Game to Tell A Systems Story

One engaging way to tell a systems story is in the form of a game. Online games programmed in Web technologies have allowed many independent game makers to release their games directly to game players through fan sites like itch.io. The lower costs allow them to create passion projects that communicate something they feel strongly about. Feedback loops are used in many different cases in both physical and computer games. Now play this game that works to illustrate how feedback loops work in human interactions.

Nicky Case

This following game is a story about the systemic nature of trust by an independent game maker Nicky Case. Play the Game here






Canva <a href=”https://learn.canvas.net/courses/3″>CN-1331-GAMEDC</a>

If you are interested in how game designers use the concept of feedback loops to ensure challenge and engagement in games, read this article from a Game Design Course on Feedback Loops.