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Developing a Budget

In the next section of your proposal you will begin to define some of the practical implications of delivering your course. Most notably, you will set out a development time frame and a request for a supporting budget.

The first two bits of information are fairly straightforward; we ask you to tell us how many weeks you need to spend producing your intensive (up to a maximum of 8), and when you intend to start development. To allow us time to review and approve proposals, start dates must be at least four weeks away – and should not be more than ten weeks away.

Your budget is made up of payment to students and other expenditure. You will need to tell us how much of each you need, and in which week of development you need it to be paid. The parameters for this are a bit different depending who you are. Click the button below for the most appropriate advice.

Guidance for Students
  • The most significant costs in your bid will be payment for your own time.
  • Typically, we would expect you to spend 3 hours of development for every 1 hour of content on the course. So a 10 hour course would involve 30 hours of student effort – however you can negotiate more if needed, or propose less if this is deliverable. In addition, you should add 6 hours to each author to cover the time spent on this intensive.
  • We encourage you to work as part of a small team, so think about how you will divide these hours out, and when work will take place in the development weeks. In addition, delivery of the intensive will give you 160 Rise Points, which can be taken towards accreditation.
  • You can also commission payment to other students to make bit of resource even if they are not part of the central team – but you will need to be able to identify who these students are!
  • Finally, you will need to think about whether you will need to request any additional funding for delivering specific resources for your course, such as externally commissioned resources.
Guidance for Staff
  • As a general principle, we can’t use Rise resource for staff buy out. However we can subsidise up to 30 hours of student time through Jobs4Students to help you to create and curate resources. In addition, if you would like students to support with the development and delivery of the intensive, you should allocate them 8 hours to complete this course.
  • In addition, we can also pay up to £500 per course to support the creation of particular specialist, or externally commissioned, resources.
Guidance for External Partners
  • In general, we expect to pay around £1000 for a high-quality package of learning for students, including producing the introductory videos for each intensive, as well as creating and curating the supporting resources.

You should now complete Section C of the proposal form, indicating your development and delivery times and the budget you require.