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Parenting Programmes

The following activities provide an opportunity to consider the arguments and some of the research evidence discussing how parenting support groups facilitate School Readiness. 

The Incredible Years

Watch the video below which gives and overview of the Incredible Years parenting programme. This programme provide classes that inform parents about developing nurturing relationships and supporting learning.


Reed, M. and Walker, R. (eds) (2015) A critical companion to early childhood. Los Angeles: SAGE.

Read  the chapter on supporting parents below which argues that parents, and carers play a vital role in developing children’s attitudes towards learning and that this is an essential element in helping children to be ready for school.
In their daily relationship it helps them to develop self-awareness, self-control, communication and interaction skills. The chapter expresses concern that by only offering formal parenting classes, this may disadvantage some parents who would benefit from more support, less formal situations and more opportunities to see how other people engage with children.  


After reflecting on what you have read above, use your portfolio to complete the following task:

  • Using a highlighter, mark the advantages and disadvantages of the Incredible Years programme Stay and Play sessions.
  • Write down your thoughts about these two types of parenting programmes.