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What is School Readiness?

This activity is an opportunity to consider the arguments and some of the research evidence discussing what School Readiness is and how it is best supported. You should include and discuss some of these arguments thinking about how particular children might respond to the different types of School Readiness identified in the previous activities.  

Needham &  Ülküer (2020) A growing interest in early childhood’s contribution to school readiness, International Journal of Early Years Education, 28:3, 209-217,

Read the article below on School Readiness, use a highlighter to mark the definitions of School Readiness and the arguments you find interesting.  
The article expresses concern that by concentrating on making children ready for school through adult led literacy and numeracy activities we might not be doing enough to help children be really ready for school and life.


Portfolio task

After reflecting on what you have read in the article, use your portfolio to complete the following task:

Write your own response to the article summarising what you think School Readiness is. Approx. 100 words.