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Creating MagicLinks

The Award Points tool lets you push points towards students who have engaged with your activity. It is the quickest and most simple way of awarding points – but it relies on you registering engagement, recording IDs etc. An alternative method is the use of our MagicLink tool (yes I’m painfully aware that it’s a stupid name), which enables you to create a way for students to self-claim points.

To get started, let’s give you this new superpower:

You can access the Magic Link tool in the same way as Award Points – head up to the tools menu at the top of the page where you should see a new tool displayed (if not, hit refresh and try again).

The Magic Link form is a bit more involved, though hopefully not too taxing – and you should see the contextual help boxes we used in Award Points to help you along.

The basic building blocks are the same as Award Points; defining a title and establish a levy of points (no student IDs needed here as they’ll claim the points themselves). There are two additional bits of information you can optionally provide:

  • Redirect To Link : if you are running a virtual event, paste the link to the Teams/Zoom/Whatever space here and you’ll be given a way of assigning points as soon as participants join the event.
  • Valid From/To: this makes your magic link time limited. It’s good practice to define these for time-bounded events so that points can’t be claimed once it’s finished. It’s also a good idea to give half an hour either side to allow for late/early joiners.

Once you have submitted your form, you will be presented with a new page that looks something like this.

The page gives you three next steps

  • Print the page, and ask students to scan the QR code with their phone cameras. They will be taken to the Rise website and awarded points.
  • Copy the link to share with your students using the ‘click here to copy a link’ hyperlink. If students follow that link, they will be awarded points and, if you have defined a redirect link they will be taken on to that destination (for instance a teams meeting).
  • Make any corrections by ‘recreating your magiclink’. Feel free to do this as many times as you like … nothing is physically stored anywhere on the site so you won’t clog up the databases :).

Do not share the li

Don’t share the link in the browser address bar – this won’t work for students (although it will work for you if you need the information again). If you want to share a link with students, click on the pink text that will copy one for you.


You will also be sent a copy of the link to this page directly to your email, should you need to retrieve it in the future.