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Create a sustainable space!

Building sustainable but useful spaces is a real challenge. The concept of a sustainable space is quite broad and it can be difficult to know where to start. We can explore this idea with some creativity and reflect on the spaces we use every day on campus and then identify and develop the sustainability credentials of this spaces. Remember from previous sprints that sustainability can cover many different themes and concepts.

Create a sustainable space

Think of any space on campus you that you use day to day. This could be a lecture theatre, a lab, a studio, a café, an outdoor space, a means of transport, your accommodation or anywhere else. Use the space below to describe it. You can use whatever method you like to do so. Maybe try using a skill or technique you use in your degree.


Is your space sustainable?

Review the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help with this. Remember that a sustainable space should developed to be both environmentally and human friendly! Some prompts to thing about: Is the space inclusive?
Are the materials used sustainable?
Does the space promote good
health and wellbeing?
Is there a space for biodiversity?
How is energy supplied and used within the space?
How is waste produced and removed?
Does the space contain or foster innovation?


Now Sustainably develop your chosen space!

Identify and describe changes could make to your chosen space that could bring about positive change. You may wish to tag these changes with the SDG they contribute to. Use any method you would like to describe these! You can recreate your space with these changes in the box to the right or modify your work from above with your aspects of sustainable development!