Painting Stones for Gratefulness

This workshop will talk about gratefulness. The aim is to open people’s minds up to the world of gratefulness and try to have a more optimistic outlook, even when things might seem a little grey. Gratefulness is a good way to pick yourself back up and a reminder of the small things that provide us with good wellbeing. 

Make Art from Recycled Materials

During this hour long event you will learn a number of ways of making art from recycled materials at home. You will investigate creative journeys through use of newspaper, magazines and cardboard and be inspired to develop your own ideas. You will explore ways to play with materials and learn basic techniques including paper weaving.

Relaxation through Doodles

This workshop will aim to use drawing and mindfulness to encourage relaxation. We will use drawing as an outlet for thoughts and feelings, practice gratefulness, mindfulness and positive thinking. If you have built up stress and anxiety for life, this workshop session will provide you with various techniques to help you to relax. Mindfulness meditation is a therapeutic practice where we focus on the present to reduce stress.

Mindfulness Through Paint

Today, pressures and stress come from everywhere. This can create great tension and feelings of being on edge. Through grounding ourselves and noticing our breath we can shift not only our perspective but also how we respond to these stressful situations. During this workshop we are going to be exploring mindfulness through painting and looking closer at moments in our lives where we have been grateful.

Drawing for happiness

In this hour long workshop, the facilitator will discuss how certain hormones can be stimulated in order to increase happiness. We will focus on stimulating dopamine by listening to music, and increasing endorphins by creating art. It’s easy to feel down in a time like this, and this workshop will hopefully give you a boost of happiness not only from learning about wellbeing with others, but from having an hour to relax, listen to music and create.

Creating with the Senses

While we’re inside, we might feel like we’re missing out on some experiences. This creative workshop will guide you through a series of drawing and image-making exercises that can help you to get in touch with your senses, for grounding and relaxation.

The Importance of Kindess Workshop

This workshop explores the importance of kindness – not only to ourselves but to others as well. The general wellbeing benefits which come from being kind are extensive. Impacts such as reduced anxiety, lower stress levels and overall a boost in positive emotions for both the giver and recipient. Not only that but kindness improves our self-image and self-confidence!

The Power Of Words

Explore the power of positivity as we look to the science behind the impact that positive words have on our wellbeing. This workshop aims to guide you through a series of creative activities that will ultimately inspire you to get motivated towards your goals – through the use of affirmations! 

Wellbeing Mini Zine Workshop

This mindful and fun workshop is an opportunity to take some time for yourself and connect with others, learning  how to make a zine  (a booklet/pamphlet made using one sheet of paper) and fill it up with fun, short and creative activities inspired by the New Economic Foundation 5 Ways of Wellbeing: keep learning, take notice, be active, give and connect. These are practical ways of improving yours and other’s well-being.

Drawing Sensation

This workshop focuses on using visual language to better embrace emotions and sensations, using visualisation to promote representation and creative curiosity. You will be led through simple writing and drawing exercises that have an emphasis on using everyday objects and experiences to produce something visual that has personal value.