Winter Morning Flowers

Rachel Chinouriri – Through The Eye


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Treatment text 


Early morning opening close-up time-lapse  videos of small flowers opening and closing along with the musical beat. 
A wide shot of a woman walking in cold winter path down canal.  Closeup shot of her face — Weary with the cold breeze blowing in her face.     
‘Help! Its my cry for help! No one else should stand no more of my struggling, nothing you say could help me hide!’     
Slow motion footage gives strange atmosphere to her walking slowly along the canal path.   
Colours moving around her giving ethereal atmosphere to the video.  
Saturated colours contrast conveying hope and sadness at the same time.  

She walks into a tunnel and is transported to a garden with lots of flowers and trees.  More shots of flowers opening and closing.  Flowers opening and closing around her as she walks along seeming to be controlling the flowers movements with her fingers spread out to touch them.  

Our team consists of 3d visual effect animators with experience in cinematography and music video creation.  LGBT members with strong connections to Manchester music, dance and

performance artists.

Riley Hewitt – lead animator/compositor/director –
Jessie Stevenson – Co-director – 18059198

We are looking to collaborate students around the university studying fashion  with an interest in sustainable clothing.   We also will try to incorporate aspects of African culture through indigenous types of flowers and colour pallets.  And show a sense of trying to fix the climate from global climate change.