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Week 6: Transform Urban Greenspaces

Matt Carney

Well done on reaching the end of the project and presenting your concept!

However, this isn’t really the end! After we have heard from all the teams and discussed feedback we can consider what’s next!

What’s around the bend?

We’ve discussed lots of ideas in this project, some very ambitious and some very practical! We will discuss these ideas with Ardwick Climate Action to hear about transforming urban Greenspaces out in the real world.

Rise: Making Great Communities Incubator

A perfect follow-on Rise activity to this project is the Rise Making Great Communities incubator. This six-week activity aids you in bringing your ideas or concepts into the real world. With support from community changing mentors and the opportunity for university seed-funding to implement your idea!

Also stay in touch as Rise can help you with work post-project! You may also wish to use this project experience to submit the Rise Assessment and gain credit towards your degree (subject dependent).