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Week 5: Watch this Greenspace

Matt Carney

Week 5 is your final workspace. During this week you should finalise your ideas, put together a cohesive story and plan of action and think about how you will present this. Remember if you do a good job with all of these the next step can be bringing your idea to life!

In this week’s session you can review previous week’s exercises to check the different criteria for your idea or plans.

You may want to imagine you are about to actually start bringing your idea to the real world. Have you thought of all the possible challenges your idea might face? Have you set yourself realistic goals? Will your idea make a genuine impact to your brief?

Next think about how you might present your idea!

Your presentation should be ten minutes long – try to stick to this, a presentation that’s too long is a sure-fire way to put your audience off! A good rule of thumb is around 1 minute per slide.

Naegle KM (2021), PLoS Comput Biol

Read Ten simple rules for effective presentation slides here for ten great tips on how to structure a presentation.


There is nothing wrong with a traditional PowerPoint group presentation but you might want to be more creative!

Think about what kind of presentation will really sell your idea! If for example your idea involves creating communications material these should be front and centre. You could also link to examples of these using a QR code in your presentation.

If you are planning a product or to construct something you could present a mock-up. You might want to record videos or take photos of what your idea might look like out in the real world!

You might want to frame your presentation as a story. Imagine someone that might use or interact with your idea. What does their story look like now, and what would it look like with your idea in place?

Week 5 – What’s next?

After this session you should…

Finalise your presentation idea: You should have a clear plan of action to present your idea. Everyone in your team should be aware of their role and which parts of the project they are going to present.

Create a plan of action to deliver your presentation: As a team you should each have a clear list of tasks you need to complete to have your presentation ready to deliver. Make sure to check in with each other throughout the week in case anyone is struggling with the workload or can’t complete their tasks.

Before the next session you should…

Finalise your presentation: During the final week of this project you will present your idea and therefore you should arrive to the session with your presentation ready to go. This should include any additional resources or content you wish to present.