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Week 3: Develop International Early Years Science Activity

C-J Foster

Show and tell

Now is your chance to show off your great ideas! You will need to be ready to present your short pitch presentation to the other teams. You may want to use your T-Bar diagram of your idea as a basis for this pitch

After each team has presented their idea you have the chance to ask questions and give feedback! Make sure your questions are friendly and any feedback you give is constructive! Feel free to share any research you have discovered that you think might help the other teams.

Below are some resources taken from Rise’s “How to be a Design Thinker” self study pack.

These activities can help you shape and develop your ideas

4.1 Sailboat Exercise

Week 4.2 Beetle Exercise

Over to You

This week is all about giving you a space to work on your idea. As a team you should start shaping your idea into a reality.

Also start to think how you might present your idea. What is your output of this project going to look like?

You could create a mock-up or even the material itself if you are creating communications material.

This is also your chance to identify any barriers or challenges facing your project or idea.

What’s Next?

Finalise your prototype: Ensure your prototype is complete enough to show and talk about next week.

Arrange a meeting: Plan to meet at least one before the next session to work on your idea, you should aim to finalise your idea in this meeting and start to consider how you might present your work.

Before the next session you should…

Develop and communicate your ideas: During the next week you will decide how to present and communicate your idea to address your problem brief. Professor Gabriel Lemkow Tovias from Lab 0-6 at the University of Manresa in Spain will be online with us to give you feedback on your ideas next week, so be ready to give a quick overview and demonstration to him