Design by Nature

Design an idea to provoke change towards sustainable action, as part of an exciting national competition
This project is set by Hubbub, an environmental charity with a difference. They design campaigns that make environmental actions desirable. They disrupt the status quo to raise awareness, nudge behaviours and shape systems. They do this with knowledge and playfulness, and aim to avoid making people feel bad.

Hubbub have a vision of a world where everyone is an environmentalist, whether they realise it or not. Through Design By Nature, they support and collaborate with up-and-coming creatives to help develop brilliant ideas that positively impact on everyday lives and inspire sustainable action. Each year, they select the best ideas for mentorship and development.

Through a new collaborative campaign Hubbub are launching in Manchester. They want to connect communities in urban areas with nature, allowing them to experience first-hand the multiple benefits that it can have in their everyday lives.

They're posing three 'living briefs' are all inspired by the idea that ‘Good things happen when we connect people to nature’.

You can read more about the Design By Nature competition and and access their three living briefs here.

The deadline for submissions to Hubbub is the 31st May ... and who knows, maybe you'll land some of their expert mentorship. In the meantime, Rise would like to support you along the way. We will award 40 Rise Points to all draft submissions shared through our open exhibition and, in parallel with the Hubbub judging process, select a handful of entrants for in-house mentoring and development.

There are all sorts of Rise resources which might support you along the way. Try dabbling with our Behavioural Design intensive, or one of our two Design Thinking courses (on Understanding and Ideation).

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