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Opportunities for the Manchester School of Art

The lockdowns and restrictions associated with the pandemic have disrupted our practice. As the world begins to open up again, we’re keen to make sure we reconnect you to the places and opportunities where your creativity and its outcomes can thrive. So Manchester School of Art have partnered with Man Met Rise to bring together a set of opportunities in our ‘third term’ and beyond which give you some purposeful reconnection to practice. We’ve identified existing opportunities, and commissioned entirely new ones ring-fenced for you. There are opportunities to come back to campus for one week intensive experiences – and range of more flexible, virtual skills development, research and practical projects.

As opportunities provided by Man Met Rise, you will earn points for your engagement which can be transformed into recognition on your degree transcript and, in many cases, the option to claim full classificatory credit which can count towards your final degree outcome. To get started (and express an interest in any of these opportunites) register at and follow our introductory tutorial.

Below, you will find a curated selection of the broader programme of Rise Activities, which we think is particularly relevant to students in the School of Art.

Step Back On Campus opportunities for week intensive access to studio and creative spaces.