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Step 1: Install Required Software

In order to complete this certification, you will need access to Adobe Creative Suite. This is widely available on computers on campus. Alternatively, you can access a 30 day trial via the Adobe Website – but please remember that you will need access to this software when you sit your certification.

Step 2: Complete Basic Training

Your first task will be to polish up your skills in the applications in which you wish to gain certification. To support you, we have identified compulsory training which covers the major topics for each. You will receive Rise points automatically each time you complete a course.

This training is provided via LinkedIn Learning. You get this free as a Man Met Student – but you need to make sure you log in using the instructions

This training is provided by LinkedIn Learning. You get free access to this as a Man Met Student, but you need to make sure you log in using the instructions provided by the library. Beyond this training, you can also access all sorts of other skills development opportunities through LinkedIn Learning, all providing automatic Rise points for completion (see here)

Photoshop: Industry-standard image editing

Compulsory Training (12 points)

Additional Training (TBC)

Illustrator: Scalable vector graphics

Compulsory Training (12 Points)

Additional Training (TBC)

Indesign: industry-standard print and digital page layout

Compulsory Training (12 Points)

Additional Training (TBC)

After Effects: Motion graphics and visual effects

Coming Soon

Premiere Pro: produce and edit video

Coming Soon

When you complete a compulsory training pathway, you will be sent an email with information and the next steps for your certification (note that this might take 24 hours). These steps will include:

Step 3: Complete a Practice Test

Before you take a certification exam, you will gain access to a practice test area. You can practise tests as many times as you like, and return to the training pathways above to hone your skills. Once you are confident you can progress to the next stage

Step 4: Book a Certification Exam

In order to gain your certification, you will need to complete an exam (the same as the practice one). This can be completed from home or on-campus, via Teams. You will be sent a number of dates to choose from.

Each time you complete certification, you will gain 30 Rise Points.

Step 5: Claim Extra Recognition

You will be sent instructions on how to share your accomplishments via your LinkedIn page, and earn additional Rise Points for doing so.

In addition, if you complete all three badges, either of the following combinations, you will earn ‘specialist’ accreditation, and an additional 30 points: