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Design Thinking


During Future Me Week, you’ll engage in our new ‘How to be… A Design Thinker’ course. This course has been exclusively developed to introduce you to the valuable skillset of Design Thinking, and give you a chance to apply it to your own subject area.

We’re excited by this opportunity, and wanted to give you some information so you can get ready for the week and best prepare for what’s ahead…

In the video below, Rise Experiential Learning Tutor Elle Simms introduces you to the concept behind Design Thinking:


During Future Me Week, we’d like you to apply your Design Thinking toolkit to a problem that has been set by your academic department. This will provide you with a way to link this course back to your studies. There are plenty of opportunities to do this during the week, and at some point in Semester 2 you’ll be asked to share your products from this course as part of your core studies.

Your brief question is:


On Monday of Future Me Week you’ll be able to access more information on this by accessing the pages in the How to be… A Design Thinker self-study pack. This is also where you need to go to access your workbook and the livestreams.

You’ve also been assigned a group to work with during Future Me week. This has been allocated to you by your department. Again we’ll offer more details on how this group will work at the start of the week, but the idea behind it is that the problem brief you’ve been set is best answered by a multitalented group of people rather than one individual.

[rise_dt_teamslink]Your group’s Teams chat is here.[/rise_dt_teamslink]

Here’s what you can do to get ready:

  • If you can, make initial contact with your group. You can reach them on the Teams link above. Get to know each other, and perhaps plan when and how you might communicate during the week itself.
  • Think about your problem brief. We’ll offer more detail at the start of the week, but it’s always good to foreground your initial thinking and your preconceptions. We’ll do a lot of work to challenge these next week, but you might have a brilliant idea that might provide a good starting point for some creative thinking.
  • Take stock of your skillset. Throughout the week there will be opportunities to use your skills in new ways, so think about the skills you’d like to use, the skills you’d like to practice and new skills that you’d like to acquire. This course is a chance to do things differently and redefine yourself.