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Welcome to STRIVE 100!
The programme STRIVE 100 launches on RISE in October 2023 will run through April 2024. This is a programme of exciting, interesting & thought-provoking workshops and activities. The sessions cover personal & professional development such as – academic coaching excellence (ACE), employment and employability, and health, wellbeing and life coaching.
By engaging with this programme on RISE, and based on the number of hours completed, you will gain a:
– bronze badge (50 hours)
– silver badge (85 hours)
– gold badge (100 hours)

Every STRIVER will have the opportunity of completing short unpaid virtual internships simulations tailored to their degrees, and designed to help them succeed when applying for future work opportunities and they will receive certificates for this. These internships are hosted by successful companies ranging a variety of industries, such as Red bull (Food and Beverage), Accenture (Consulting) and Lululemon (Fashion and Commerce) just to name a few. 
On successful completion of one of these virtual internships, there will be sponsored prizes up for grabs. These include targeted mentoring packages, insight days, business lunches, networking events, business coaching – all provided by employers. We end the programme with a celebratory event in March.
The STRIVE 100 programme has been designed with you in mind: taking into account your unique needs and experiences. Completing this programme will enable you to achieve your academic and professional development goals. It will support you to level up and develop the confidence to pursue whatever you seek to.
Embarking on the STRIVE 100 programme, will unlock access to dedicated health and wellbeing support, group coaching and a bespoke mentor. Further to this, you will gain exclusive access to our tailored academic coaching excellence (ACE) workshops, giving you targeted support, just before you enter the assessment period. Support from careers professionals and recruiters, is also on offer, enabling you to up your game, when applying for internships/placements and graduate jobs!

At the heart of everything we do on the STRIVE 100 programme is compassion. All of our teaching practices are compassionate and focus on you, as a unique individual, and your unique experiences and needs. Talking about your racialised experiences, is front and centre of conversations within our STRIVE 100 community, facilitated by our “Talk about race forums.” There are also ‘Tellin’ stories’ sessions where real life role models share their relatable lived stories of career peaks and valleys, with advice for participants.
You’ll be pleased to know that upon successful completion of STRIVE100 as part of the RISE programme at Manchester Metropolitan University, you will be awarded 300 RISE points for your efforts which will be recognised as 15 extra credits on your transcript for employers to see. 

Congratulations on becoming a STRIVER! We really look forward to supporting you to achieve your success.

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Key InformationPoints300Effort42 hoursPrerequisitesnoneRelease Date15/10/2023
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Dr Iwi Ugiagbe-Green – Unit Lead –