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Students participating in this project will be trained in the fundamentals of both Python and storytelling to create a text-based adventure game.
This Self Study Pack is divided in to four topics. The first topic will cover the fundamentals of Python Programming as it pertains to game design and help you plan your game.

The second topic will explore the fundamentals of storytelling, including character and structure, so you can develop a framework for your game world.

The third topic will take a closer look at the mechanics involved in game design, and the final topic will explore further writing techniques to finish the story you want to tell within the game.

After you create your game, you should submit it at the end of this pack. It will then be entered into a competition and a winner will be selected bi-annually. See the appropriate Sprint for details.

Important: To access this course, you’ll need to enrol:[

Key InformationPoints40Effort10 hoursPrerequisitesnoneRelease Date
Author Info

Jamie Rhodes is a writer and academic working in comics, books, TTRPG, and film. He was Scotney Castle’s Writer-in-Residence, writing a graphic novel inspired by the castle’s archive collection. The book was published by Nobrow Press in 2017 and nominated for a prestigious Eisner Award at San Diego Comic Con 2018. After moving back to West Yorkshire, Jamie wrote and co-directed an award-winning short film, Amputee (2020). The film made the official selection of 22 film festivals worldwide and was nominated for Best Short Film at Cannes Shorts. In 2021, Jamie started his PhD in Philosophy & Creative Writing. He is currently writing his thesis, Alternate Realities: the Phenomenological Experience of Story Immersion. Find out more about Jamie and his work here:

Dr Catherine Elkin is a Rise Experiential Learning Tutor at Manchester Metropolitan university. She is currently curating resources to develop the digital skills of students at MMU. In 2023, she completed her PhD on representations of baby farming and other methods of informal adoption in Manchester.

Charlie Roadhouse is a computer science graduate from MMU with five years of programming experience. Currently pursuing a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence, Charlie’s research interests lie in the domain of Grey Literature and the potential applications of AI in this field. Their passion for this area of study has inspired them to pursue a future PhD focused on advancing the understanding and utilization of Grey Literature with the aid of AI.