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In this Self Study Pack, we are going to introduce you to opportunities available to you at university, beyond your course. The aim of this pack is to help you make the most out of your time at university and get you to stand out after you finish your degree.
We start this Self Study Pack’s journey with getting to know the physical environment around your university, so that you can feel more comfortable exploring the different university spaces and communities (topic 1).

We then discuss extra-curricular opportunities (e.g. societies and clubs, course representatives, volunteering) that you can get involved with and develop valuable knowledge and skills, whilst making a difference in your community (topic 2).  

Half-way through the Self Study Pack, we start shifting our attention towards the future and discuss strategies and tools that will help you stand out from the crowd when you apply for jobs or further study. Specifically, in topic 3, we are going to guide you through your Future me plan, so that you can make more strategic decisions about the extra-curricular activities and opportunities you get involved with, making sure you are working towards your long-term aims.

In topic 4, we focus on preparing you for after graduation, through supporting you with CV writing, networking and the use of social media for professional purposes.  

Throughout the Self Study Pack, there will be opportunities for you to apply and reflect on your learning and sign posting to additional information and resources on the different topics.  

We hope you enjoy this Self Study Pack and find it useful to plan for your studies!  

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Key InformationPoints30Effort10 hoursPrerequisitesnoneRelease Date26th July 2021
Author Info

This Self Study Pack has been created by Academic Staff at the University Teaching Academy with the support of the Learner Development Team to help prepare you for the step up to university. If you have any questions about this pack, please email