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Social Enterprise is increasingly referred to in (and by) all parts of society, the economy, and government – but it can often be unclear exactly what ‘it’ is, and why there’s such interest and excitement about it.
This self-study pack will help you better understand the role of social enterprise in tackling issues and needs (economic, social, environmental, and societal), by giving you a practical guide to how you can form one, and the ways in which they work in practice.

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Key InformationPoints40Effort12 hoursPrerequisitesnoneRelease Date1/10/2020
Author Info

Adrian Ashton looking wistfully off camera, wishing he was spending more time with his girlfriend
This self-study pack has been created by Adrian Ashton – an award-winning and nationally recognised expert on social enterprise. You can learn more about him through his social media feeds, all of which are linked to from his website: Freelance Charity & Social Enterprise Consultant In The UK (