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Welcome to this self-study pack, exploring Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility, everyone who works with children and vulnerable young people and adults have a responsibility to keep them safe. You may currently work with children and vulnerable adults, and want to learn more about Safeguarding. Or you may be thinking of entering this field of work in the future and want to learn more about how to identify tell-tale signs of abuse and what course of action to take if you have concerns about an individuals welfare and safety. The sprints within this self-study pack will equip you with the knowledge of how to identify signs of abuse and will encourage you to explore other areas of safeguarding that you may not have previously considered, but that you may come across in your future careers.

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Key InformationPoints40Effort10 hoursPrerequisitesnoneRelease Date
Author Info

My name is Emma Gouldbourn. I have been working as an Early Years Teacher and Lead for many years in Tameside. I have been a Designated Safeguarding Lead and have also spent time as an Associate Lecturer at MMU.