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This free online course is designed for learners who wish to understand mental health in young children in the early years.

It is never too early to think about mental health and wellbeing. It can be much easier to understand and respond to infants meeting key physical milestones as they grow, but their emotional wellbeing is important too. The first five years lay down the foundations of skills, knowledge and confidence that help children navigate future challenges and realise their potential. A child who is mentally healthy will gain the necessary social skills and coping mechanisms to manage challenges that arise, build resilience and reach out for support when they need it.
Throughout this course you will:
– Increase your understanding of mental health & wellbeing in the early years
– Recognise the critical role of nurturing, meaningful relationships and secure attachments
– Explore how creative, playful environments and interventions support a child’s development and overall mental health
– Gain skills and confidence to support babies, young children and their families to be mentally healthy
The course has been developed to allow you to work through new online content each week and then attend the weekly workshops where you will have the opportunity to participate in activities and discussions to bring the content to life.

Important: To access this course, you’ll need to enrol:[

Key InformationPoints300Effort42 hoursPrerequisitesnoneRelease Date17/04/2024
Author Info

Lorna Colter – Course Leader
Lorna has been working with children & young people supporting emotional wellbeing as a therapist for 10 years, as well as offering mental health training programmes.

Catherine Lynch – Pastoral Support

Catherine is able to support with any signposting to wider University resources and services, such as Disability Service, Careers and Study Skills. For support directly about subject content, please speak to the course leaders first.

Mair Bull – Programme Leader