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This course aims to provide an insight into mathematics and allows students to build a secure foundation of knowledge of the mathematical requirements employers look for.

Mathematical skills have become more valued than ever.
A range of degrees and careers require us to have a basic understanding of maths that allows us to raise important questions. However, we often find maths and aspects of numeracy rather daunting.

The following course is aimed at any individual that has not experienced learning, nor gained a GCSE qualification in mathematics, and would like to build on this in preparation for their future.

Through learning from worked examples, step by step videos and plenty of quizzes for individual development, this course will prepare anyone who feels uncertain with the foundations of maths.

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Key InformationPoints120Effort36 hoursPrerequisitesnoneRelease DateJanuary 2023
Author Info

Victoria Herod is an Academic and Study Skills (Maths & Statistics Specialist) tutor at MMU, with a background in secondary maths teaching before joining HE education support.

Beverley Mallam is an Academic and Study Skills Tutor (Maths and Statistics). She achieved her BSc in Maths and Psychology and her PGCE in Secondary Maths. She has also previously taught Maths in a Secondary and Sixth Form setting.