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This is an advanced skills programme for postgraduate researchers wishing to uncover and cultivate extensive mentoring capabilities – while also providing a great grounding in interpersonal skills, for both students and professionals of all types. This self study pack is ideal for those with aspirations of being effective professionals, mentors, teachers and those who just wish to be effective communicators in a variety of contexts.

Course Overview
This course has been designed by postgraduate researchers (PGR’s) at Manchester Metropolitan University. It is composed of five topics, all of which are designed to follow naturally from one to the other, continually upskilling the student and building increasing knowledge and confidence in themselves. This may not be structured like many of the more conventional academic courses you have participated in in the past; Rise is intentionally different and this philosophy is reflected in this course. The content of this self study pack is not simply about the retention of large swathes of information – aside from being uninteresting, we would argue that is not the best way to learn and move along a path of self-improvement. Each topic is explored at your own pace, with continual opportunities for you to stop and digest the content and also apply it to your own life. Self-reflection is a central theme to this course, with you taking charge of your own learning journey. This self study pack breaks down into 5 interesting and engaging topics (each with its own Sprints for you to follow) which are:

1. Introduction to the World of Mentoring – What is the role of a mentor? What are the benefits to you of mastering this skill set?
2. Essential Skills of a Mentor – Learn a broad range of communication skills such as: active listening, Ice breakers, finding common ground, building trust, constructive feedback skills, Identifying goals, current reality check, signposting, supporting and storytelling skills.
3. Inclusion and Accessibility – Learn to navigate working with individuals from diverse backgrounds, of breaking down barriers, understanding lived experience, utilising non-judgmental approaches, building trust and relationships and opening doors and inspiration workshop.
4. Creativity and Flexibility – Expand your abilities to plan, develop and deliver accessible, inclusive and engaging sessions. Explore creative approaches to learning and identify your own learning style. Investigate your own leadership potential and style while gaining access to a large open-access learning resource bank.
5. Real World Scenarios & Reflections – Explore obstacles that you may encounter in the ‘field’, with competency-based scenarios that help you to ask questions and to apply your new skills and knowledge, whilst reflecting on what you have learnt on the course.

As part of this course, you will learn the sacred arts of mentoring. You will discover what is, and equally important, what isn’t a mentor! You will receive training in a wide range of skills and advanced capabilities – anything you would need to provide a high level of support and crucially, in almost any setting. If you have ever wanted to cultivate the virtues of leadership, advanced communication, management skills, be a mentor to other students, or perhaps just stand out in a professional setting, then this course is for you! As part of this experience; you’ll hear from experts in a variety of fields sharing their secrets, be given practical exercises to experiment with resources to take away, take questionnaires to understand yourself better as well as the more conventional/academic reading exercises to put everything you are learning into context.  As with all self study packs here at Rise, you will also earn a total of 40 Rise Points, which can be added on to any other Rise self study packs offered here at Manchester Met.

Important: To access this course, you’ll need to enrol:[

Key InformationPoints40Effort10 hoursPrerequisitesnoneRelease Date15th March 2022
Author Info

Anton Roberts is a PhD researcher at Manchester Metropolitan University who is exploring the gendered relationships present in homeless communities. Anton has also worked in education for over ten years in a variety of mentoring roles; working with some of society’s most vulnerable and complex young people.
Salma Miyan is a PhD researcher at Manchester Metropolitan University, investigating potential links between nutrient deficiency and age related disorders. Sals is also a Peer Assisted Learning Leader, a member of the MetMUnch sustainability and nutrition team, and is the student representative on the co-opted Environmental Strategy Group at MMU. In addition to this, Sals is a qualified and registered Associate Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition.