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Do you remember joining university as a new student and feeling a little bit lost?
This International Buddy Scheme has been created to help with the integration into university life and life in the UK.

For a semester you will be helping a new student that is joining the university.

This is an opportunity to enhance your personal development, gain mentoring and coaching skills, and improve your overall employability.

Important: To access this course, you’ll need to enrol:[

Key InformationPoints25Effort6 hoursPrerequisitesnoneRelease Date
Author Info

Cara Bebbington
As the Programme Support Tutor for the Department of Marketing, Retail and Tourism, my role is to support the Senior Leadership Team and Programme Leaders with student retention and student engagement. I provide support to students through individual coaching and the delivery of bespoke workshops to ensure high quality outcomes for all students. I also assist in developing continuation and progression interventions and enhancing the international student experience.
I offer support to students on a variety of topics, including, but not limited to, effective time management, understanding feedback, finding academic sources for assignments and introduction to UK Higher Education.