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As sustainability grows in importance and urgency, this packs helps you gain knowledge on sustainable aptitudes and practices that are relevant and applicable to academic and professional settings.
it is critical for the health of our planet and the global community that sustainability is at the forefront of all human activities. An increasing number of organisations are taking on and investing in corporate social responsibility and therefore seeking graduates with knowledge and skills within the field of sustainability. This course provides you with key competencies and concepts in sustainability including social awareness, sustainable economies, and global citizenship. The course will also guide you through self-reflection on your existing skillset and motivations to pursue sustainability within and beyond your academic career.

Graduate Attributes: Community and global social awareness / Self-motivation / Taking responsibility 

Important: To access this course, you’ll need to enrol:[

Key InformationPoints40Effort10 hoursPrerequisitesnoneRelease Date
Author Info

Matthew Carney is a Rise Experiential Learning Tutor responsible for sustainability activities through Rise and a background in Earth and climate science