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Gain a digital certification evidencing that you understand the fundamental principles of child development expected in Greater Manchester’s Early Years Workforce Competency Framework.
The first 1001 days of a child’s life has a huge on their life chances, across a range of outcomes – from employability, to health and wellbeing. This pack will help you to explore some of the key influences – and the ways in which a good early years experience can support all children to thrive. It will help you to reflect on your own ideas about child development, and give you some tools to apply in your future interactions with children.
It has been designed to be accessible to many people for free. It is designed to be helpful to those currently working in a setting with children, or those who may want to do so in future. And it is useful to new parents who may want to understand some of these ideas further. You can study at your own pace, stopping and starting – and the pack will save your progress. There is no deadline for completion.
The pack has been developed as a partnership between Manchester Metropolitan University and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority. By completing the pack, you will be awarded a certification in the form of a digital badge, which evidences to employers that you have covered off an understanding of these fundamental principles. u003cbru003e

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Key InformationPoints5Effort2 hoursPrerequisitesnoneRelease Date01/11/2023
Author Info

This pack has been created in partnership with practitioners and leaders from the region. It has been designed to ensure that participants gain a basic understanding of concepts aligned to the GMCA Early Years Workforce Competency Framework.

On completion you will be awarded this virtual certification:

Michelle Ravenscroft

Mair Bull

Jan Robinson