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Why is this relevant to me? Sport and exercise science focuses on the positive benefit of physical activity on health outcomes.

Research in this area is wide ranging and makes a profound difference to both individuals and communities. Maybe research is based on the social contributions of sport, addressing economic or cultural challenges. Other research outputs may push an exceptional athlete to elite standards, performing at the highest levels. Indeed, sport and exercise research extends to helps prevent and treat conditions and diseases, such as diabetes, fibromyalgia/fatigue and cardiovascular disease.

Through this RISE Self Study Pack you will learn about research ethics and health & safety (H&S) and why it is important to consider them. Studying ethics and H&S offers a ‘map’ of research issues so that you recognise them when you encounter them. While it can’t solve the problems you might have or even motivate you to do the right thing it is helpful to have advance warning of where the perils might lie in research. It will give you more tools with which to think about difficult situations in the future.

The bottom line is:

In sports and exercise research you will be working with people and you must actually *think* about the ethical components of your research. Consider if your research is safe to complete for both you and your subjects.

Rules give very little guidance in tricky situations. While it might seem like extra ‘red tape’, thinking about ethics and H&S in advance is a much better approach than crisis management.

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Key InformationPoints20Effort3-6 hoursPrerequisitesNoneRelease DateMarch 2023
Author Info

Aneurin J Kennerley
Hello, my name is Aneurin Kennerley.
I am a Reader in Human Neuroscience within the Institute of Sport at Manchester Metropolitan. I am a research intensive academic. I use Magnetic Resonance Imaging to answer important health related questions.

Clare Pheasy
Hello my name is Clare Pheasey.
I am a Principal Lecturer and BASES Accredited Physiologist within the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Manchester Metropolitan.

Dr Aneurin Kennerley and Dr Clare Pheasey
are both based in Manchester Metropolitan University’s Institute of Sport. Some of the material used in this self study pack was originally developed by Prof Alun Williams. If you have specific feedback regarding this course please contact Dr Aneurin Kennerley