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This course is a practical introduction to language when working in culturally diverse settings, such as Greater Manchester. The course will provide strategies to support communication and work across language barriers. 
Through the exploration of prominent languages of Greater Manchester, the unit will demonstrate how, despite not sharing the same language, it is possible both to communicate successfully and achieve language awareness. 

You will be introduced to one of the languages of Greater Manchester each week. The community languages that the course focuses on are those with the largest number of speakers in Manchester: Urdu, Arabic, Chinese, Bengali, Polish and Panjabi. While language learning is not the main aim of this course, you will be able to gain insights into the languages that people in the Greater Manchester community speak. 

The course will also focus on an area of language and communication such as multilingualism and intercultural communication. We hope your empathy, respect and appreciation towards second language speakers will be heightened throughout this course, as well as establishing ways to ease communication. 

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Key InformationPoints300Effort42 hoursPrerequisitesnoneRelease Date19/05/2023
Author Info

Caroline Collier – Unit Leader/Course Curator –