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Unlock the roadmap to your future with this self-study pack. Discover your vision, set your mission, and live by your values to steer your life’s journey with purpose. 
This practical and engaging self-study guide has been designed to bring your future aspirations into sharp focus.  
We’ll guide as you create your own personal brand manifesto: giving you clarity on where you want to get to in life so you can stay 100% focussed on realising those goals 
You’ll define your vision, establish a purposeful mission, and identify your core values. Over four interactive topics, you’ll create a personal manifesto that acts as your compass, aligning your choices with your ambitions.  
So, whether you’re advancing your career or enriching your personal life, this course provides the clarity and conviction to navigate your path. Get ready to explore, dig deep and reflect…and you’ll come out of the other side with a renewed sense of direction. 

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Key InformationPoints40Effort10 hoursPrerequisitesnoneRelease Date12th June 2024
Author Info

Heard Storytelling are a spoken stories company that creates positive change. They harness the power of lived experience – told in your own words – to bring communities closer, make businesses better and ultimately deepen connections anywhere they can.