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An accessible intro to AR and VR authoring for the absolute beginner; learn to make viable creations using only readily available technologies.
Interest in Virtual and Augmented Reality has exploded in recent years, with an increased availability of consumer devices to enter virtual worlds, and more stable smartphone functionality to impose information on the real one. AR/VR offers a tantalising creative platform – but also opportunities to address more instrumental concerns. Applications are emerging from entertainment and beyond, to health, education, marketing and product design and much more.

This self study pack will enable participants to gain some confidence in experimenting with AR/VR authoring. Throughout, my ethos has been cheap and easy wins which are accessible to as many people as possible. You’ll learn to hack together basic, but viable, AR and VR products using a range of free-to-use technologies – in most cases, a laptop and the smartphone in your pocket is all you’ll need. Throughout, the emphasis will be on making and doing, with signposts to take this understanding further.

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Key InformationPoints40Effort12 hoursPrerequisitesnoneRelease Date1/10/2020
Author Info

Mark Peace is a Head of Education at Manchester Metropolitan University and director of the Rise project. His background is education, with practice which has always emphasised ways of situating the learner as a producer and generator of impact and insight, rather than a consumer of knowledge.