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Assessment Support

The cut-off for Rise assessment submissions this year is 29th April 2024.

Once you have earned 300 Rise points, there are a number of options available to you. Earning 300 points has already earned you transcript recognition, but if you’re on an eligible programme you can also register for the Rise assessment in order to earn credit that might improve your overall grade.

The table below outlines your pattern of eligibility for the Rise assessment. The cut-off for submissions in each year is the last Monday of April so plan your engagement accordingly:

The assessment takes the form of a reflective account that is intended to tell the story of your engagement with Rise and put it into context in terms of your past, present and future. The format is up to you; it can be a written piece, a video, a podcast, a website, or even a mixture of all of these. The most important part is that you choose a method that will effectively tell your Rise story.

Use the resources below to find out more; start with the self-study then use the workshops to enhance your preparation for the deadline.

Good luck!

The Rise Team

Assessment Self Study

This self-study pack takes you through everything you need to know about the Rise assessment, how it works and what to do.

Assessment Workshops

We’ll be running a selection of assessment preparation workshops this year to help you get ready to submit.

These will be collated in the space below:

Self Study Kit: Teach your self a skill at your own pace
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The Rise assessment is your way to convert your Rise experiences into academic credit, and this self-study pack is your route into that process.