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Get Started In Your Design Thinking Course

Camila Torres Copywriter Sandwich Year Student

Welcome to YOUR Future Me week – all you Design Thinkers!

Future me week is here! Throughout the week beginning 23rd January, all of our students will have the opportunity to gain a university digital micro-credential in Design Thinking – and this includes YOU! Take a look at your timetable, where you’ll now see some scheduled events in support of this.

Throughout the week you’ll engage with an exclusively developed course, workbook, scheduled group work and a daily live online event. You’ll unlock an exclusive Design Thinking Micro-Credential, which can be shared as part of your profile.

It’s the first time any university in the world has offered training at this scale – so come along and break some new ground!

During the week, you’ll be able to access everything you need through our brand new ‘How to be… A Design Thinker’ course.

We’re so excited to share this week long project with you, and we’re sure you’re also keen to get your teeth into the week, so we’ve put together three things we’d like you to do in preparation. Enrol in the Design Thinking course below and get going!

How to Be … a Design Thinker