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Being Effectively You

Camila Torres Copywriter Sandwich Year Student

Every person is amazingly unique. We’re all individuals with beautiful and varied stories to tell. If we can tap into those stories and build the confidence to share them too, we’ll have the potential to realise what sets us apart from others and celebrate this. By embracing our stories, we can become masters at confidently and unapologetically living as our true selves each day.

Think of being ‘self-effective’ as being productive and getting where you want to go. But it’s actually much more than. Self Effectiveness is an opportunity to think about who you are, and the power of knowing yourself can support you to bring dreams to reality.

Yes, you are reading it correctly. Your dreams can become a reality by investing in yourself and building the confidence to put into action things that you truly want.

Self-effectiveness is your vision for your future, your belief in yourself, and your ability to continue on the path you want to follow to achieve your goal. It’s a process of reflection where you look at your core values, the things you are already good at, and your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. It’s the skill that enables us to achieve whatever we set out to do.

But is it just one skill? Not really. It’s transient, ever-changing, and multifaceted. It’s definitely not an easy task, but worth every moment of your time.

Self-effectiveness practice is a really powerful tool, not only for your career but all aspects of your life. It can help us stop sleepwalking through life and allows us to question our motivations, and whether the rules and conventions we live our lives by are actually serving us or whether they’re hindering our growth.

“You can’t really live a fully authentic life until you understand who you are. What are your skills, values, and beliefs? What drives you?”

By creating your own path, celebrating and being accountable to yourself, and learning to be brave enough to be you, you will build the skills to produce a future for yourself that fits and feels right.

But how? How can we learn to be more effective, and how can we implement the skills into our everyday? Well, Rise is developing a programme of in-person and online workshop sessions to support you in this process. With exciting and influential practitioners such as Stefanie Sword-Williams from F*ck Being Humble, and Kei Maye from Creative champs, Rise will help you to develop your personal effective toolkit. Take a look at the programme and meet the practitioners here: and look at the full programme here! Effectively You Programme

We want you to be Effectively YOU, and we are here to show you how important you are!

Already keen to get started before the workshops begin, why not take the How to Be Effectively You course: