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Be a Saturday Club Co-Facilitator

Beth Fulham Rise Communications and Copywriter

What is the National Saturday Club?

Saturday Club is an amazing opportunity for young people (aged 13-16) to spend their Saturday
mornings at their local university, college, or museum discovering subjects they love. Manchester
Met invites young people to join free Saturday workshops in different subject areas such as
Art&Design, Writing&Talking, Science&Engineering, and Fashion&Business. These Saturday clubs are
a great way for young people to learn new skills, meet new people, think about what they might like
to study in their futures, and discover new talents.

Manchester’s Saturday club are currently looking for personable, intuitive, creative, and caring
students who would like to support the delivery of this amazing outreach project, by taking part in
project to be a Saturday Club Co-Facilitator. The opportunity is perfect for dipping your toes into the
‘real world’ post university and will give you a broad range of skills, and opportunities to learn and
develop. Consider how to work in groups, manage creative and fun workshops, learn how to
facilitate and gain important knowledge and skills in the safety and delivery for working with

With this role you will develop skills and experience in:

  • Facilitation and delivery skills
  • Communication techniques
  • Mentoring and supporting young people
  • Leadership
  • Creative workshop development and teaching skills
  • Personal Effectiveness skills and identifying your own development

These one-of-a-kind project roles are a way to develop employability skills, build your CV, and will
support you to develop GOLD level badges in both Civics and Personal Effectiveness. You will have options to take your skills and take leadership in the delivery of workshop sessions, and you be connected to a nationwide project network that has opened career doors for students across the country. This is an exciting role and one that offers you the chance to tailor your involvement to obtain the skills you wish to exemplify for your future!

The deadline for these job roles is 19th November so take a look at the project outline and get your
Expression of Interest in ASAP! Apply now.