Through The Eye Submission – Camilo Ribadeneira/Molly Richards

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Treatment: Through the Eye – Rachel Chinouriri

Submission by Camilo Ribadeneira and Molly Richards




The video begins with an extreme close up of Rachel’s mouth and chin in a ruby red room. Cutting to shots of clouds of colour bursting against a black back drop in sync with the synth.

Slow dolly out to reveal her full face as she starts to sing in centre frame. The shot continues to track out until we find ourselves in the outside world, looking into the red room through a doorway.


The camera pans to Rachel and a friend walking together, looking irate.Rachel’s friend tries to talk and put her arm around her. Rachel pushes her away and she falls. As her friend and her belongings hit the ground, they explode into frames of glitched, fragmented colours



Cut to a shot of Rachel walking around the red room, there are 3 doors and they are all locked. She desperately tries to open one, it shakes violently and glitches before violently swinging open into the next scene.




A very fuzzy, green image fills the frame. Scrapbook type pictures, letters, and videos of memories begin to fill the frame upon this backdrop. Fragments of the diagram of a panoptican are overlayed. All synced to the beat of the song. The fuzzy green image is constantly zooming out, revealing that we are watching Rachel through the TV.





Cut to Rachel singing in the red room. Rachel is filmed singing from different angles, the shots of her in the red room cut between each to make it look almost like stop motion. Shots cut more quickly until we cut to Rachel beginning to trash her room.




The drums kick back in. Rachel trashes her room in slow motion, it’s almost like a performance. Filmed as a 360 degree pan that can then be cut from different angles. Anything that is floating in the air, hits a wall or breaks explodes into the same glitched, fragmented colours like in the beginning. This would all be intercut with callbacks to earlier scenes in the video, as well as Rachel trying to escape the red room.




The intercutting of the shots stops and a doorway appears behind the settling contents of Rachel’s room. The door is a blown out highlight. Rachel walks towards it.

Cut back to shot of Rachel in the red room facing an open door that is also a blown out highlight. Rachel walks through it and fades into the light. At the same time, the Rachel from the trashed bedroom walks into the red room through the same doorway. She walks around looking confused and the door closes behind her. The video ends with her still walking around the room.