Rachel Chinouriri ‘Through the Eye’ Music Video Treatment

20045303 Avril Hussain

20026596 Connor Smilie

20037889 Ewa Setlak


A female character is falling through a neon tunnel towards the audience.
In the next scene we see her inside a different tunnel walking and then running towards the exit, but she is not getting any closer towards it.

We can see her standing in another tunnel which seems to be moving, yet our character is not moving at all.

This sequence is followed by other tunnels with our character inside them seeming unable to exit them despite running or trying to claw her way out.

Those scenes will be interlaced with scenes of our character falling through the tunnel from the first scene and scenes of neon colour scheme and black and white patterns without the character. Some of the scenes will be mirrored and repeated to signify the repetition of the ‘Cry for help’.
The end will zoom out to reveal a maze with no escape symbolising the feeling of being trapped.

We want to convey the feelings of hopelessness, melancholy, powerlessness, which we felt while listening to the song.

Visual elements

We are planning to use greenscreen to film a character and then we will create the tunnels in after effects. We were inspired by the falling down scene in Alice in the Wonderland and TroyBoi – Mother Africa music video colour scheme.

We made a test video to help visualise our idea: https://youtu.be/8jD7LXURQo4


Our character is a young woman. She is lost and confused by her situation and feels hopeless, yet she still tries to escape the trap she found herself in and regain freedom.


One person from our group will film in their house with a greenscreen background. We will follow the covid government guidelines.