Ada Orlow ‘Through the Eye’ Treatment

Team: Ada Orlow (20020664), Amelia Godel (20022578), Daniel Turner (20052515), Aidan McKellar(20047092), Megan Dawes(20038489)


Concept. An experimental take on the lyrics of ‘Through the Eye’. Playing with the idea of representing the internal turmoil the lyrics allude to through a physical dance piece that is propelled by the use of a large stylistic hand.

  Test shoot of just the hand on green screen.


The Idea.

Screenshot of test edit.



The focus of the video is the interplay between main character and a disembodied hand; resembling the dynamic between puppet and puppet-master.

We open with the main character  coming towards the camera in pain. As they mouth “Help” in time with the song we cut to:

The main character stood like a ‘puppet’ being held up by an imaginary force. The dancer will perform a contemporary dance sequence which will appear like they are being pushed and shoved by the disembodied hand. The movements will loop in time with the reverb of the song (like in Bonobo’s video).

However, when the instrumental kicks in, the main character will manage to escape from their restraints and break into an expressionistic floor dance sequence. As the music builds, so will the choreography on screen; changing from the floor routine to them running away from the crawling hand and jumping over it.

Choreography done for this project by dancer, Malako Webster.

As the song enters the outro, the camera will start approaching the dancer who has ended up laying on the floor, exhausted. It will zoom into the dancer’s face, capturing them taking their two index fingers and using them to close their eye lids, like done to a corpse.


Editing: As mentioned above, the biggest stylistic feature is the large hand. Whilst this is a large post-production task, it is very achievable as the hand will predominately be present at the beginning of the video, and appear sporadically towards the end.

Following the style of Bonobo’s Kerala music video, I want this music video to have a unkempt and slightly makeshift look about it. This means that the hand won’t perfectly align with the actions of the dancer, but rather the looped actions of the hand will guide the dancer. like is this test video:

Music Video Test Shoot

Set/Costume: Unfortunately due to lockdown rules I was unable to get the perfect setting or shot for the test video, however hopefully you understand the general premise.

For the project I would be working with other creative, Amelia Godel, to decide the hair and styling of the dancer. But we have an understanding that it will exhibit neutral tones and be very stripped back.

I would like to set the video in a large, dark warehouse, somewhere with a bleak look to it. This will reinforce the idea that the character is overwhelmed and isolated by these negative thoughts within them. The hand’s transparent look also builds on this idea, showing that this is an unconscious force overwhelming their world.



Finally, just to round off my pitch, here are some images that really connect with my idea and have a style that I hope to achieve.

Here is a link to some of my previous work, if you would like to see my practice:

Vimeo Account



Thank you for reading my treatment. 

I hope you like my idea, I am in love with the song!