Save the World with a Game

Exercise your creativity and ethics, and produce an analogue game to promote engagement with a social issue.
In 2019, Paul Wake (Manchester Met) and Sam Illingworth (University of Western Australia) came up with Carbon City Zero; a card game which involved its players in the complexities of reducing carbon emissions. They successfully funded their creation through kickstarter, and it is now live as a product. This is your opportunity to follow in their footsteps... Create a design for your own analogue game which encourages people to engage with an important social issue of your choice. This can be a global or local issue, but it should be something that you are passionate and informed about, and your game should be a way of expressing your message about this topic, and getting people to think about it themselves. We are after thought-provoking and challenging designs that encapsulate your chosen social issue well, and that use the mechanics, dynamics and aesthetics of play effectively to engage your target audience.  
What do I need to do?
You will submit a single page 'pitch' (in which you can embed videos and images as well as text), which should also include a Tabletopia link to the prototype for your game. We've got some opportunities to get you started. You can claim a free copy of Sam and Paul's Carbon City Zero for inspiration - and then take our DIY Games intensive, developed for you by activist, artist and recent designer-in-residence at the V&A Museum, Matteo Menapace. This intensive will also give you some guidance on how to get set up on Tabletopia once you've developed your idea. You might also want to attend Matteo's Save the World with a Game workshop in January to share your draft ideas.  
What can I win?

Every submission will earn 40 Rise points – and the best (as judged by Matteo, Paul and members of the Manchester Games Studies Network) will win a £50 voucher and expert mentorship to develop your idea to the next step - crowdfunding!

The competition will open for submissions from the beginning of January and close on the 22nd February.

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